4 Ways to Prevent Heating System Damage

December 16, 2020

A heating system requires as much care as other appliances in your Fieldale home. If you want to maximize its performance and prevent damage, you must take care of it. Here are five things you can do to prevent heating system damage.

1. Schedule a Heating System Maintenance Service

It’s easy to forget to schedule maintenance services for your HVAC system. After all, why should you call a technician if your heater is working?

Maintenance services can seem like a waste of money. However, there are many benefits to scheduling an appointment with a professional company. At McKinney Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer quality heating and air conditioner maintenance services. By scheduling a maintenance service, you can:

  • Prevent unexpected breakdowns
  • Extend the lifespan of your system
  • Fix small issues before they get bigger
  • Improve your house’s indoor air quality

2. Change the Air Filters

Replacing old air filters is an inexpensive way to preserve your heating system. Over time, filters collect airborne particles and other debris. This can stop air from flowing and damage your system.

3. Clean the Condenser

Your heating system’s condenser consists of several important parts. These include controls, a fan, a condenser coil, and a compressor. Since it’s located outside of your property, external elements can damage it.

It’s a good idea to clean it yourself or hire a professional technician to do it for you. Keep bushes, plants, and leaves at least 2 feet away from the condenser. Use the water hose to remove any debris that gets trapped in the fins and tubes.

4. Install a Heating System That’s Right for Your Home

Heating systems should be installed by licensed HVAC technicians. Our technicians can help you to select the right-sized unit for your residence. A heating system that’s too large can cause constant cycling. If it’s too small, the system won’t heat your home properly.

Looking for a reliable company to perform cooling, heating, and indoor air quality services? Contact McKinney Heating & Air Conditioning in Fieldale, VA, to schedule an appointment today.

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