If you are looking for tankless water heaters in Martinsville, VA, then contact McKinney Heating & Air Conditioning. Our team of home comfort experts has been a local staple for forty years and can get you a new tankless water heater installation. Tankless water heaters can be a good addition to your home as they are more energy-efficient than tank water heaters and are more compact. If you’d like a low-maintenance unit that provides your home with hot water, then contact us today. We are the ones you can trust with your tankless water heater.

    Why Our Martinsville Customers Love Tankless Water Heaters


    Compared to standard tank water heaters, tankless water heaters are a great alternative. Not only are they energy efficient and good for the environment, they also increase the value of your home making them some of the most sought after plumbing equipment on the market today.

    Tankless units heat the water as it moves through the device so there is no water being retained in a tank or storage container. The biggest benefit of tankless water heaters is their ability to continuously flow hot water. Standard tank water heaters don’t have the same flowing capacity as the tankless models. This means you’ll have more hot water at your fingertips. Say goodbye to chilly showers and choose a tankless water heater today!

    If you are still curious about what the benefits of a tankless water heater are, look no further:

    • Use 80% less space than standard tanks
    • Small, elegant, compact design
    • Unlimited hot water
    • High-quality components
    • Extremely energy efficient
    • Save in water use
    • High safety levels
    • And more!

    A tankless water heater can be a welcome addition to your Martinsville home. If you have a water heater with a tank, you should be made aware of the fact they last around eight to twelve years. Usually, this is caused by your tank becoming so corroded that it will cease function. When you notice your water has turned rust-colored, it might be time for a new tankless water heater installation. Trying to keep an old tanked-style water heater running is an option, but it’s usually just a matter of time before an upgrade is necessary. It’s often a smarter move in the long run to move forward with a new tankless water heater installation!

    We’re Your Navien Tankless Water Heater Specialists!

    We carry top-rated Navien tankless water heaters! Interested in a brand new Navien tankless water heater? Have questions about how they work? Give us a call today! Our plumbers are well-versed on the functionality of these systems and we can answer any questions you might have. If you’re interested in purchasing a new Navien tankless water heater, we can tell you all about our amazing options available. These energy-efficient, space-saving units are the perfect addition to any home.

    Enjoy Endless Hot Water With a New Tankless Water Heater!

    The biggest advantage of tankless water heaters is the capacity to produce unlimited hot water. That means no more waiting for your water temperature to rise! You’ll have continuous hot water whenever you need it! McKinney Heating & Air Conditioning has been a part of the Martinsville community for decades by assisting its residents with their home comfort. Whether you need an installation or you need something fixed, you can count on us. We do everything we can to ensure our customers are always satisfied.

    Discover the ultimate solution for your Martinsville tankless water heater needs! Our dedicated team at McKinney Heating & Air Conditioning doesn’t just offer top-tier products; we deliver reliable, local expertise. From installation to maintenance and repairs, we’re committed to ensuring your home has efficient, dependable hot water. Get in touch today!