At McKinney Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer installation, repair, and maintenance for your heating and air in Ferrum, VA. We’ve been providing first-rate heating and air conditioning services for local homeowners since 1972. We offer a wide range of services with competitive pricing.

    We believe in long-lasting relationships with our customers and take pride in our professionalism and attention to detail. Investing in your heating and air conditioning system is important for your long-term comfort. Make sure your family prepares for the extreme temperatures ahead by calling McKinney Heating & Air Conditioning.

    Heating and Air in Ferrum

    If you need repair for your heating and air conditioning system in Ferrum, call us right away. Many homeowners hear strange noises from their furnace or AC but quickly ignore them. This can be a sign of a larger issue. Putting off minor AC problems can lead to larger and costlier problems down the road. You never want your system to completely fail when you need it the most. If your space is being heated or cooled unevenly or you’re noticing strange smells, don’t put off calling a professional.

    Heating and Air Installation

    Do you find you’re getting your furnace or AC fixed over and over again? Is your unit more than 10 years old? It may be a better investment to have a new system installed. Modern furnaces and AC units offer many new advantages over older models. They are built for better energy efficiency, helping you keep your bills lower. They’re also easier to use. When it comes to your comfort, you should never settle. We’ll help you find the heating and air conditioning system that’s the perfect fit for your home.

    Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance

    With the weather being so unpredictable, you need to make sure your heater and AC system are ready to go. By investing in regular maintenance services, you can avoid costly repairs. Sometimes all that’s needed is a few part replacements to avoid a major breakdown later. Heating maintenance should take place in the late summer or early fall. AC maintenance should take place in the early spring.

    Keeping your unit maintained will also help you stay energy-efficient, saving you on long-term energy costs. A professional can identify potential issues and address them before they come up. Dust and debris may be causing your unit to work harder than it has to. We will change air filters and perform other cleaning services to reduce the pressure on your system.

    These are a few benefits of routine heating and AC maintenance:
    • Save on your energy bills
    • Extend your furnace and AC’s lifespan
    • Avoid costly repairs
    • Ensure your heating and air is ready to use

    McKinney Heating & Air Conditioning is ready to serve all your needs for heating and air in Ferrum. Get in touch with our experts today!