Efficient Heating Tips: How to Cut Heating Costs This Winter

November 8, 2019

Updated May 15th, 2024

At McKinney Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re proud to help homeowners in Fieldale and throughout the surrounding areas minimize their heating costs. In that spirit, let us consider some strategies that are effective in reducing heating bills for most homes.

Take Advantage of Localized Heating

Zoned heating lets you set a different temperature for each zone in a house. Even without a zoned system, you can benefit from the underlying principle. Local heating options include natural sunlight through windows, fireplaces and space heaters. If the family is concentrated near these areas, you can drop the heat by 5 or even 10 degrees.

Set the Thermostat as Low as Possible

Determine a practical temperature for the various parts of your day. Your temperature while you’re at work or sleeping should be lower than while you are enjoying your evening. If you do not have one yet, a programmable or smart thermostat can be an excellent investment that makes temperature blocks easier to achieve. If you do this manually, develop a routine and avoid adjusting the thermostat too frequently.

Benefit From Ceiling Fans

You can make an argument for a ceiling fan in every room, so consider installing them, particularly in any room you use often. For the ceiling fans you already have, be sure to set them to a clockwise rotation, which is the winter setting. This pushes warmed air down into the lived-in aspect of the room and can make the difference of a few degrees or more.

Keep Your Filters Clean

Dirty air filters make your heating equipment work harder and cause your bills to go up. Check them on a regular basis, even once a week. Replace them as soon as you can see a light coating of dust particles. Taking these steps will ensure maximum airflow.

Other benefits of replacing your air filter are:

A Company You Can Trust

In addition to heating services, McKinney Heating & Air Conditioning in Fieldale installs, repairs and maintains air conditioners, gas fireplaces, generators, tankless water heaters and indoor air quality equipment. Contact us today to schedule your appointment for any of these services.

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