What to Do Before Turning on Your Furnace

October 17, 2019

Turning on a heater that is new or hasn’t been used for months requires a few safety checks. You don’t want a mishap or poorly functioning system. That’s why you should do the following before turning on the furnace.

Check the Thermostat

Modern thermostats are technologically “smart,” but they still require some manual attention. Is the thermostat set for heating? If the device still registers air conditioning mode, then it won’t automatically heat the interior when cold weather starts. Therefore, don’t overlook small details like setting the right temperature.

Request a Furnace Inspection and Cleaning

How will you know the furnace is truly ready for the cold weather? Unless you have a pro inspect the unit, you won’t. A maintenance visit by a professional would hopefully uncover any problems. A recommended fix should follow. Requesting a cleaning makes sense, too. A dirty heater won’t perform as efficiently as a clean system. The crew at McKinney Heating & Air Conditioning can perform necessary heater repairs and maintenance.

Make Sure the Home Is Insulated

You don’t want hot air sneaking out from under the door or escaping through small imperfections in the windows. Poor insulation undermines even the best furnace’s ability to do its job. The costs of keeping an interior warm will go up as well. Before turning the heater on, make sure your home can keep the heat inside.

Install a Safety Device

Not every problem with a furnace is noticeable. If the unit gives up carbon monoxide, you won’t be able to tell. A CO detector, however, can pick up on the presence of this dangerous gas. Installing a smoke detector makes sense, too. If you do own both a smoke and carbon monoxide detector, take steps to ensure they are working properly.

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