How Long Can HVAC Systems Last?

June 7, 2022
HVAC Lifespan in Martinsville, PA

HVAC systems can range from heat pumps to ductless ACs to dual-fuel and packaged units. Whatever you have currently in your home, though, it will wear down and need replacing eventually — the only question is when. Life expectancy for HVAC systems will vary based on these factors.

HVAC System Type and Brand

Some types of HVAC systems last longer than others based on how they generate the warm or cool air you want. Heat pumps, for instance, which transfer heat rather than produce it, can last a good 20 years. Gas and electric furnaces may go for 15 years. Oil furnaces last for a shorter time than even that. On the other hand, mini-splits, which cool a single room, may last for 30 years. Then, there’s the question of the brand. Some manufacturers build more durable products as the prices will show.

Frequency of Tune-Ups

Is your current HVAC system getting the recommended two tune-ups a year? This is crucial in determining how long it lasts because maintenance can address a host of issues, from dirt build-up in the coils to lack of lubrication in the bearings, which can wear down your system little by little. The less strain there is on airflow and the generation of cool or warm air, the longer the system will last.

How Often Do You Run Your HVAC System?

You may shorten the lifespan of your system by running it continuously. In areas where all four seasons are extreme, it’s unavoidable, but you may still want to think about adjusting the heating and cooling schedule.

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