When Should You Schedule Service for Your AC Unit?

August 11, 2022
AC Maintenance in Martinsville, VA

Maximize your AC unit’s lifespan by scheduling annual professional HVAC service. The longer your air conditioner goes without maintenance, the more dirt and debris will build up inside. Your system will have a harder time preserving the temperature control and comfort in your home. Keeping your AC unit clean and up-to-date ensures your family is always secure.

Annual AC Unit Service

The best time to schedule your annual AC maintenance is in the spring. An HVAC technician will expertly clean and examine your air conditioner and confirm it’s ready to last the coming summer. A neglected AC unit is more likely to increase your energy bills, lower your indoor air quality, and shut down without warning.

HVAC technicians are trained to clear away any debris or filth that may impede airflow. They inspect every component of your unit, from the belts to the coils, to ensure they’re not damaged or failing. An experienced technician will clean or replace the unit’s filter, minimizing your risk of water leaks or frozen evaporator coils. They’ll also clean out the condensate line so that no mold or mildew stops water from safely exiting the system.

Cleaning your AC unit by yourself is much different from calling in a professional. Technicians have the training to identify when parts will soon fail. You likely won’t be able to identify the warning signs, which could lead to a loss of efficiency or even system-wide damage. Scheduling professional service with an expert guarantees your AC unit will last for as long as possible.

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