Noisy AC? Learn These Tips

July 28, 2021
AC Noise inFieldale, VA

An air conditioner plays a vital role in keeping your home feeling cool and comfortable during the summer season. However, an air conditioner can eventually get louder over time due to wear and tear. Sometimes you can make a few modifications on your own to decrease the noise of an air conditioner. If the noise seems to signify an issue, you may need to consider getting a replacement or calling a technician.

Here are a few tips on how you can reduce the noise from your air conditioner.

1. Plant Shrubs

One way to lessen the noise from an air conditioner is to plant shrubs around your outdoor unit. These shrubs can absorb many of the sounds while also improving the curb appeal of your home. You can also choose from a variety of shrubs to help cover your outdoor AC unit. It’s an eco-friendly option as well.

2. Schedule an Inspection

Another way to decrease the loud sounds from an air conditioner is to schedule an inspection with an HVAC company. An air conditioner inspection can identify any potential problems that may result in loud or unusual sounds coming from your unit. Making a few adjustments can make a big difference in keeping your air conditioner operating much quieter.

3. Build a Fence

Constructing a fence is also an effective way of limiting the noise from an air conditioner. Building a fence can easily hide your outdoor unit, which only further enhances the curb appeal of your property.

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