Learn How to Reset a Furnace or Heat Pump

January 11, 2022
Furnace Maintenance in Fieldale, VA

A furnace and a heat pump have numerous features that every homeowner must understand. Knowing how to restart your system is one thing you should understand how to do in case it turns off. Sometimes, pressing a simple button can restore the unit, but there may be more steps you need to follow. Keep reading to learn about the steps to reset different types of furnace systems.

How to Reset an Electric Heat Pump Using the Reset Button

Some furnace models use a power switch for turning on and off the furnace. Don’t worry if you don’t find this feature. Open its casing and check the reset button near the blower motor. Push the button continuously until it clicks. The furnace receives a signal from a thermostat prompting it to start automatically. If you have any trouble with your furnace, contact McKinney Heating & Air Conditioning for quality services.

How to Reset a Gas Furnace

Reduce the thermistor temperature to the minimum while ensuring that the pilot light is off. Switch off the circuit breaker on the furnace, and then you should shut down the gas supply to the furnace system. Power the pilot lite using its lighter. It is now safe to turn on the circuit breaker and the main gas supply. Locate the reset button and hold it down for up to 30 seconds to allow the temperature to rise again.

How to Restart an Oil Furnace

An oil furnace is easier to reset, especially if it went off after a power blackout. You only press the reset button. If the system is out of oil, start by refilling the tanks with oil. The fuel line will also need sufficient bleeding. Find the bleeder valve close to the burner and place a container under it.

Open the bleeder valve, ensuring that the circuit breaker is on. Allow the fuel to flow until you notice a balanced stream free from air. Push the reset button to start the furnace. Close the valve and pour the oil back into the reservoir.

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