How Much Does It Cost to Add a Fireplace to Your Home?

February 17, 2023
Gas Fireplace Installed in Residential Home in Martinsville, VA

A modern fireplace can be a great way to make your home more stylish and comfortable. However, some types of fireplace installations can be pricey. To find the right fireplace for your home, it’s helpful to learn a little more about the costs of adding a fireplace.

Average Costs for Modern Fireplace Installation

The national average price for a fireplace installation is $2,314. However, this is just the average cost, and actual prices can vary. Your fireplace installation can range from $870 to upward of $7,000.

The main reason for this wide range of costs is the difference between fireplace types. An electric fireplace is usually the cheapest to install at around $1,200. If you’re installing a prefabricated gas or woodburning fireplace, it will be about $2,900. Meanwhile, people who want to build a brand-new masonry fireplace will pay roughly $4,900.

Factors That Affect Fireplace Costs

Even two homeowners who want a similar fireplace can end up with very different quotes. The main reason for this difference is labor costs. Every home and fireplace is unique, and some designs make fireplace installation more time-consuming.

You’ll also need to consider the costs of creating the surrounding framework for your fireplace. Most fireplaces will need electrical wiring and ventilation. If you already have these in the right place, it’s a lot cheaper. Meanwhile, if you need to install new gas lines for the fireplace, it can add hundreds of dollars to your quote. Additionally, building nonflammable protection for nearby walls or customizing your fireplace surround will increase the price.

How to Find Affordable Fireplace Installation

If you want to add a modern fireplace to your home without breaking the bank, McKinney Heating & Air Conditioning can help. Our expert team has plenty of experience working with gas fireplaces. We also offer a variety of HVAC and plumbing services. To schedule your next appointment, contact us today.

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