Gas Fireplaces in Smith Mountain Lake, VAIf you are interested in getting a gas fireplace in Smith Mountain Lake, VA, contact our experts at McKinney Heating & Air Conditioning. We’ll gladly be right over to get your gas fireplace installation started so you can enjoy a new and cozy addition to your home. Going with gas is a smart option as you’ll be able to enjoy the heat without worrying about having to deal with the gathering and general mess of firewood. Plus, it doesn’t require much upkeep, just flip the switch and you’ll be able to have heat, no problem. We’ll even help this addition fit in with the established aesthetic of your home. If this sounds like a good option for you, then make sure to contact us for your new fireplace installation.

    Gas Fireplace Professionals in Smith Mountain Lake

    Even though it doesn’t require upkeep like other fireplaces, getting regular yearly maintenance is important. These tune-ups will help your fireplace last around ten years or longer and ensure your safety. As you are dealing with gas, having an experienced professional check your unit will prevent anything dangerous from affecting you and your household. They’ll be able to check for any issues with the exterior, clean the fireplace and make sure there are no obstructions or issues with the gas ignition. These tune-ups will also help you lower the odds of needing a major repair or having to get your unit replaced prematurely. We’ll gladly tune up your fireplace if you ever require our assistance.

    If you are still not sure if a gas fireplace installation is right for you, then here are a few more reasons to change your mind:
    • It doesn’t leave you with a big mess
    • It’s a more environmentally friendly unit
    • Provide continuous heat with the flip of a switch
    • It’s safer with children and pets

    Local Gas Fireplace Installation Experts

    Local Gas Fireplace Installation ExpertsMcKinney Heating & Air Conditioning has been around for fifty years, making sure Smith Mountain Lake residents have their home comfort needs covered. We’ll be there right away to get started so you can enjoy the benefits of a new fireplace. We are always thorough, making sure everything is set up right so no issues pop up after we finish the job. We want your new fireplace to provide you with warmth and comfort all year long, and we do that by always going above and beyond.

    If you looking to get a gas fireplace in Smith Mountain Lake, then contact McKinney Heating & Air Conditioning today. We are ready to assist you in all of your heating and cooling needs.

    We also offer gas fireplace services in Fieldale, Danville, Martinsville, Rocky Mount, and Stuart.