Furnace Tips for the Holidays

December 18, 2019

Winters in Virginia can do a number on your furnace if you aren’t careful, but we’ve got four great furnace tips to keep everything in working order.

1. Change the Filter on Your Furnace

Changing the filter on your furnace can be one of the easiest ways to keep it from breaking down over the holidays. A new filter makes it easy for your furnace to circulate warm air, and this puts less strain on the machine. In addition, a new filter can help keep your home’s air clean and eliminate circulating pathogens.

2. Make Sure Your Thermostat Is Dialed In

If you’re out of your home all day working, then it can be tempting to try and save money on your bill by shutting off your heat. When you get home, however, it can often take a few hours for everything to warm back up again. The more that your furnace has to start up and slow down again, the more wear and tear that will accumulate over time. A good rule of thumb is to keep your daytime temperature within 3 degrees of what you want it to be at night.

3. Have a Professional Check Your Burners

If you’re currently using a furnace that runs on natural gas or propane, make sure that your burners are firing with maximum efficiency over the holidays. In general, the flames in your furnace should have a bright blue color, and they should never be yellow. If you’re not sure if your burners need to be repaired, we’d be happy to have one of our certified heating technicians come out and do a thorough check.

4. Be Sure That Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors Are in Working Order

This might be the last tip on our list, but it’s arguably the most important. A damaged furnace can release carbon monoxide gas into your home, and this isn’t something that you want to take lightly. If you haven’t checked your carbon monoxide detectors recently, now is the time to get that taken care of.

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