Differentiating Between Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality

January 8, 2024
Indoor Air Quality in Fieldale, VA

It is important to understand more about the air quality issues that could impact your Fieldale home. You will have to contend with both indoor and outdoor air quality. Knowing how they are connected, but also the differences, will ensure that you prepare for both.

Contaminate Sources

Cleaning products, furniture, cooking activities, building materials and occupant activities contribute to indoor air quality. The contaminants can include particulate matter, pet dander, volatile organic compounds, mold and tobacco smoke.

Vehicle emissions, power plants, atmospheric reactions, industrial processes, construction activities and sources like wildfires and pollen affect outdoor air quality. Common pollutants include ozone, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter.

Controlling Air Quality

For indoor air, you can use air purifiers, low-emission building materials, proper ventilation and good cleaning practices. There is not much you can do as an individual to control outdoor air quality as a whole. However, by practicing a green lifestyle, such as using low-emission vehicles and building practices, you can help to contribute to better outdoor air.

Health Impact

When your indoor air quality is poor, it can lead to respiratory issues, headaches and allergies. Poor outdoor air quality may cause a variety of issues, depending on which pollutants you have exposure to. Common examples include allergies, cardiovascular problems and respiratory issues. Those with pre-existing health issues, the elderly and children tend to be more vulnerable to problems with both indoor and outdoor air quality.

Air Quality Experts in Fieldale

Indoor and outdoor air quality are different, but they are also interconnected, so it is vital to understand both. We can help Fieldale homeowners with their air quality concerns. Our team of experts can also aid with your home’s heating and air conditioning needs. Call McKinney Heating & Air Conditioning today to learn more about indoor and outdoor air quality in Fieldale.

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