3 Myths About Cooling Your Home During Summer

August 16, 2021
Cooling Myths in Fieldale, VA

There are a lot of reasons to know everything you can about your AC system and how it works. Busting myths about how to properly use your air conditioner can save you money and frustration. Here are three myths that you need to avoid.

Myth #1: Lower Your Thermostat So It Can Cool Your Home Faster

Lowering the temperature won’t make cooling happen faster. Unless you have a variable-speed air handler, the fan can only blow at a single speed. Therefore, it will not cool faster. It will cool at a rate of speed determined by the fan. Creating what’s perceived as a shortcut to reach the temperature you want is really a waste of money and energy.

Myth #2: Ceiling Fans Keep Rooms Cooler

Ceiling fans are great when you’re in a room. They stir the air and can keep you a bit cooler. However, fans don’t make the room cooler. Turn them off when rooms aren’t occupied.

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Myth #3: Turn Off the AC When You Leave

Instead of turning off the system, raise the temperature setting 7┬░-10┬░ when you head out the door for the day. This makes it easier to return the temperature to a comfortable level when you arrive back home. A programmable thermostat provides an easy way to make sure the house is cooled before you return.

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