Is an HVAC Maintenance Contract Right for You?

September 15, 2019

Updated: June 12th, 2024

If you’ve dealt with an HVAC company or contractor in recent years, you’ve probably been offered a contract for maintenance of the HVAC components in your home. While these agreements are designed to save the homeowner money, these agreements cost money and are essentially prepaid maintenance visits that offer discounts on other services such as repairs and priority service calls. At McKinney Heating & Air Conditioning, we recognize you might wonder what benefits an HVAC contract has for you, so here are some things that you should take into consideration before signing a contract for your HVAC needs.

Find out Exactly What’s Covered and the Servicing Intervals

If you sign an HVAC contract, it may or may not cover all the HVAC components in your home. Some cover specifically for air conditioning while others cover for heating systems. Many contracts also offer coverage for both. You’ll want to know how many maintenance appointments per system are covered per year and when you’re able to request the servicing of those items. Are any parts or components excluded? Are there discounts on other services? Do I pay anything when the service is completed? These are all questions that your representative should be able to answer without hesitation.

Ask the Representative to Go Over the Costs, Renewal, and Other Financial Details

Since you’re spending good money to take care of your home, you must know exactly what you’d be saving vs. purchasing the services without an agreement. If you’re moving within a year, a contract probably won’t do you much good unless it’s a selling point for the home, and the agreement is transferable to the next homeowner. While most customers consider service contracts for their HVAC systems to be worthwhile, it’s important to know if you’ll have automatic renewals or if you’ll be reminded of renewals. Asking as many questions as possible will help the representative understand your concerns, and you’ll have a good understanding of whether an agreement would benefit you.

McKinney Heating & Air Conditioning Is Happy to Answer Your Questions

McKinney Heating & Air Conditioning will be happy to answer your questions regarding HVAC maintenance contracts. We also offer boilers, air quality products, heating, cooling, tankless water heaters, gas fireplaces, installation services, repairs, replacements, and more. We’ve been serving the Martinsville, Fieldale, and surrounding areas for over 45 years. Get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to schedule an appointment for service, today.

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