How to Reduce AC Power Consumption

May 13, 2020

Was your AC’s power consumption a bit too high last summer? This may have been because the air conditioner was in need of an air filter change or professional maintenance. Staying on top of these tasks prevents your AC from consuming too much power. Other ways you can save money on your monthly energy bills are using a programmable thermostat and improving your home’s insulation.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

You can greatly reduce your AC’s power consumption by programming the thermostat to adjust a few degrees higher when no one is at home. If you’re not able to get a programmable thermostat yet, you can increase your thermostat’s setpoint by a few degrees. You will most likely continue being comfortable inside the house while reducing your power consumption.

Improve Your Home’s Insulation

Go through your house and caulk any areas where air is leaking. This is an inexpensive way of improving your home’s insulation. Another low-cost way of improving your home’s insulation is to apply weather stripping to the windows and doors. You should also ensure your pipes and ducts are sufficiently insulated. Your AC won’t need to use nearly as much power when your home is well-insulated.

Change the Air Filter Regularly

Your air conditioner’s air filter needs to be changed every 1–3 months. Some models have a reusable air filter, so you’ll just need to clean this type. Follow the manufacturer guidelines on cleaning and replacing your air filter. This maintenance task is necessary because a full air filter increases your AC’s power consumption and wreaks havoc on the system, which can result in the need for repairs.

Schedule an AC Tune-Up Every Year

An air conditioning system needs to receive professional maintenance once a year. McKinney Heating & Air Conditioning is a trustworthy company to rely on for your AC’s annual maintenance in Fieldale, VA, and surrounding areas. We’re a Lennox Premier Dealer, and we have NATE-certified technicians. We can tune any brand, make and model. Yearly AC tune-ups are necessary to prevent your AC from beginning to use too much power to operate. Tune-ups reduce AC breakdowns and extend the lifespan of your appliance too.

McKinney Heating & Air Conditioning also provides AC repair, AC installation, heating repair, heating installation and heating maintenance in the Fieldale area. We can install gas fireplaces, whole-home generators and tankless water heaters. We provide indoor air quality services as well. Our company is family-owned and has been in business for over 45 years. We’re also licensed and insured as a Virginia Class “A” contractor. In 2012, we were recognized as Lennox Partner of the Year. If you’re interested in any of our services, contact us today to schedule an appointment or ask questions.

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