How To Care For Your Lawn Around an Outdoor AC Unit

August 11, 2020

You need to be aware of where your outdoor AC unit is when you’re mowing the lawn near it. Failure to do so can result in an expensive repair job. Here’s what you need to know about taking care of the lawn around your cooling system.

Discharge Mulch Away From the AC Unit

You need to be careful when mowing, as your lawn mower can easily throw dirt and mulch into your AC unit. This can especially happen when the air conditioner is being used, during which time it sucks in air. Point the lawn mower’s discharge away from your AC unit when mowing around it.

Be Careful With the Weed Whacker

You might want to use a weed whacker on grass and weeds around your cooling system. However, it’s really not a good idea to do this. Weed whackers fling debris in every direction, including toward wherever your AC unit is located. It’s also possible for the weed whacker’s string to go through the protective grill on your air conditioner and damage the coil fins.

Brush and Hose Off Your AC Unit After Mowing

If you accidentally get mulch on your AC unit despite the best of intentions, you should brush off the mulch on the exterior of it. You will then want to turn it off so that you can brush off any mulch on the coil fins. You need to be careful since the coil fins can easily break.

Afterward, gently hose down the fins to spray mulch off of them. You will want to spray the water through the fins so that the mulch goes away from the AC unit rather than farther inside of it.

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