Five Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

April 16, 2020

Whether you have a central air conditioning system or a ductless unit, you must prioritize AC maintenance. With the following tips, you can help to take care of your air conditioner even if you’re not an experienced technician.

1. Clean the Condenser

Twigs and grime can cause damage that will hinder the cooling process, so remove debris and crud off of the unit. Give the outdoor condenser a good cleaning with a soft brush, a vacuum, and a regular garden hose. Also, take the time to realign any bent fins.

2. Change the Filter

A clogged filter is less effective, so clean the one inside your system. You should also change the filter at least once a month. If you do, you’ll be happier with your air conditioner because it will circulate cleaner air.

3. Trim Shrubbery

The bushes surrounding the outdoor unit may look good, but they can affect the performance of your air conditioner if they’re too close to it. You can prevent AC problems by making sure that nothing is obstructing the unit.

4. Check the Ductwork

The ducts can have mold, insects, and debris inside them. To keep contaminants from entering and affecting your home’s indoor environment, you should inspect the ducts. A licensed technician possesses the expertise to find buildups and leaks.

5. Unblock Vents

Closing vents in your home won’t lower your energy bill. This method does more harm than good because it impedes airflow. Consequently, pressure builds up inside the ducts, and this causes the unit to work harder. That’s why you should open and unblock all the vents.

At McKinney Heating & Air Conditioning, we serve Martinsville, Fieldale, and the surrounding areas so that we can help you and your neighbors with AC maintenance. Our company is a Dave Lennox Premier Dealer and a Diamond Contractor with Mitsubishi Electric. As NATE-certified technicians, we can handle maintenance, new system installations, and AC repairs. Our heating services and air quality solutions are also available to you. Call us today for more information.

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