Are Heating Tune-Ups Necessary?

January 7, 2020

It is essential that you have your home heating system inspected at least once a year. This may make it easier for heating components to operate safely, quietly, and efficiently.

Make Sure All Parts Are Clean and Lubricated

Fans, motor blowers, and other heating system components work their best when they are clean and properly lubricated. A service professional may be able to take steps such as replacing an air filter or wiping down parts that are covered in dust, pollen, or other particles. At McKinney Heating & Air Conditioning in Martinsville, we will also clean and inspect air ducts to ensure proper airflow throughout the house.

Improve Air Quality and Overall System Efficiency

A clean furnace is more likely to produce clean air. It is also more likely to produce air more efficiently. Therefore, your home can remain warm and comfortable without having to run the heating system all day. When it is running, you can keep the thermostat at a lower temperature because it won’t need to work as hard to warm your house. For those in your home who have allergies, asthma, or a compromised immune system, improving your indoor air quality may significantly improve their quality of life.

You’ll Know About Problems Before They Negatively Impact Your Life

Regular furnace or geothermal pump service can help you to find out about problems when they are easy to fix. Without regular service, you may not know that a blower motor broke until it stops working on a cold winter evening. Furthermore, getting regular service allows you to fix problems when they are relatively inexpensive and easy to resolve. Depending on how old a unit is, it could be the difference between being able to repair a broken part and having to replace the unit entirely.

If you need a home heating service, give McKinney Heating & Air Conditioning a call right away! We can also install boilers, gas fireplaces, and generators to help ensure that your home is warm no matter how cold it gets outside.

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