5 COOL Facts About Air Conditioning

July 15, 2020

Air conditioning is a necessity to keep you cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. Keeping your AC unit well-maintained throughout the year is essential in allowing it to work great while also improving energy efficiency for your home. Reaching out to an HVAC professional is always a good idea if you notice any problems because staying proactive can help to extend the lifespan of your system.

Here are five little-known but very cool facts about air conditioning!

1. Air Conditioning Reduces Allergies

Air conditioning reduces allergy problems for countless people each year. An air conditioner provides clean and filtered air, which creates a much more relaxing and comfortable environment for allergy sufferers.

2. Air Conditioners Helped to Boost Population Growth in the South

The widespread use of air conditioning is one of the main reasons for the population boom of Texas, Arizona, and Florida during the 1960s. Air conditioning made it possible for people to live in areas of extreme temperatures by keeping people cool during the uncomfortably hot summer months.

3. AC Helps to Discover New Medications

Air conditioning has made it possible to develop new medications and improve upon existing ones. Many of these medications can only be created and studied in a cool environment, and the invention of the air conditioner makes this possible.

4. Lack of Air Conditioning Is Responsible for Summer Breaks

One of the main reasons schools are off between the months of June and August is because it was too hot to attend school during the heat of summer. This tradition has continued to present day, even after the widespread use of air conditioners.

5. AC Made Movie Theaters Popular

Movie theaters were one of the very first places in public to have air conditioning. The widespread use of air conditioners made attending movies during the summer a much more popular activity.

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